Bincho: Where Tokyo Vibes Meet Singapore Magic

Picture this: Bincho, a chill kopitiam during the day, flipping into a buzzing izakaya at night. Tucked away in Moh Guan Terrace, it’s like stepping into Tokyo’s cyberpunk alleys – a bit like scenes from “Alice in Borderland,” but with extra sake vibes.

Bincho Backstory: A Place with History

Bincho’s been doing its thing since 2014. Now, Chef Rishi Naleendra, originally from Sri Lanka with a stint in Australia, is the new maestro. With two Michelin stars from Cloudstreet and a laid-back Sri Lankan joint called Kotuwa, Chef Rishi is bringing his magic to Bincho’s menu.

Bincho: Where Tokyo Vibes Meet Singapore Magic

Bincho Meet Chef Rishi: A Culinary Rockstar

Chef Rishi Naleendra knows his stuff. With experience from Sri Lanka to Down Under, he’s giving Bincho’s menu a global flavor. It’s like a culinary journey through Sri Lanka, Australia, and now, right in the heart of Singapore.

Bincho Wallet-Friendly Eats: Lunch Set (S$48++)

If you’re ballin’ on a budget, don’t miss the lunch set (S$48++). It’s your ticket to a feast with choices like yakitori don, tsukune don, bara chirashi don, unagi don, and salmon ikura don. Good food without breaking the bank? Count us in!

BinchoTokyo Vibes: Where Edgy Meets Classic

Bincho’s got this cool mix of edgy and classic. The industrial vibes blend smoothly with a touch of heritage charm. It’s not just about the food; it’s an open invite to wander around the cool streets of Tokyo – without leaving Singapore.

Nighttime Fun: Izakaya Shenanigans

As the sun dips, Bincho turns on its izakaya mode. Dim lights, lively chatter, and the smell of deliciousness – it’s a whole new story. Dive into the night with sips of sake and bites that tell tales. Tokyo nightlife, but make it Singapore.

Sippin’ Stories: More Than Just Sake

Sake isn’t just a drink; it’s a storyteller. Bincho’s got this sake collection that spills tales of ancient traditions and faraway places. Each sip is like a mini adventure into Japan’s rich culture.

Budget-Friendly Munchies: Midday Delights

Don’t let the fancy vibes fool you; Bincho’s got treats for every wallet size. The lunch set at S$48++ is a steal. From the smoky goodness of yakitori don to the flavor fiesta of bara chirashi don, it’s a feast that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Tokyo Dreaming: Foodie Getaway

Bincho’s menu is like a mini trip to Tokyo. Chef Rishi’s choices bring out the best of Japanese flavors with his unique twist. It’s like having a bite of Tokyo right here in Singapore.

Tasty Picks: Unagi Don to Salmon Ikura Don

The lunch set opens up a world of flavors. Whether you’re into the smoky kick of yakitori don or the sweet dance of unagi don, each dish is a page from Bincho’s cool story. The salmon ikura don adds a touch of fancy to every bite.

Bincho’s Legacy: Foodie Paradise in Singapore

Bincho isn’t just a spot to eat; it’s a legacy. Chef Rishi Naleendra’s magic mixed with Bincho’s history makes it a foodie’s paradise in Singapore. Explore, munch, and soak in the magic, one dish at a time.

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